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Personal income is an individual's total earnings from wages, investment interest, and other sources. In the United States the most widely cited personal income statistics are the Bureau of Economic Analysis's personal income and the Census Bureau's per capita money income. The two statistics spring from different traditions of measurement—personal income from national economic accounts and money income from household surveys. BEA's statistics relate personal income to measures of production, including GDP, and is considered an indicator of consumer spending. Census's statistics provide detail on income distribution and demographics and are used to produce the nation's official poverty statistics. Inflation-adjusted per-capita disposable personal income rose steadily in the U.S. from 1945 to 2008, but has since remained generally level.


Of those individuals with income who were older than 15 years of age, slightly under 45% had incomes below $25,000 while the top 10.43% had incomes exceeding $82,500 a year in 2010. The distribution of income among individuals differs substantially from household incomes as 39% of all households had two or more income earners. As a result, 20.4% of households have six figure incomes, even though only 6.61% of Americans had incomes exceeding $100,000 in 2010. The following chart shows the income distribution among all 243,955,000 individuals aged 15 or higher who received income in 2010 as recorded by the United States Census Bureau.




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