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For students pursuing a Science Course stream in the USA and who have a GRE score of 295 or more, Avanse offers Special Privileges in terms of an Unsecured loan and Preferential Interest Rates.

A term loan granted to Indian Nationals for pursuing higher education in India or abroad where admission has been secured .

• The student taking the study loan must be an Indian Citizen and 18 years old or above.

• There must be confirmed admission in the Institute before final disbursement of the education loan

• The student loan must be co-signed by an earning co-borrower in India.

Documents Required:

  •  Letter of admission
  •  Completely filled in Loan Application Form
  •  2 passport size photographs
  •  Statement of cost of study
  •  PAN Card of the student and Parent/ Guardian
  •  AADHAR Card of the student and Parent/ Guardian
  •  Proof of identity (Driving Licence/Passport/Aadhar/ any photo identity)
  •  Proof of residence (Driving Licence/Passport/Electricity bill/Telephone bill)
  •  Student/Co-borrower/ guarantor's bank account statement for last 6 months
  •  IT return/ IT assessment order, of previous 2 years of Parent/ Guardian/ other co-borrower 
  •  Brief statement of assets & liabilities of Parent/ Guardian/ other co-borrower
  •  Proof of income (i.e. salary slips/ Form 16) Parent/ Guardian/ other co-borrower                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

• The Loan amount will be disbursed in Indian Rupees.

• The Tuition and hostel Fee will be directly disbursed to the educational institute ,in installments, as per the    requirement of the specific educational institute.

• The loan amount related to other expenses will be disbursed in installments spread over the duration of the study,  and ideally will be transferred to the co-borrower's account.

• In case the student resides outside the hostel, the fee will be transferred to the co-borrower's account.

• In case of abroad cases, money will be transferred as per agreement with third party FOREX vendor.

Security for the Loan is determined by the quantum of amount required and the credit worthiness of the principal borrower.

  • Particular -  4 lacs loan amount

         Security -  Only Parent/ Guardian as co-borrower

  • Particula - Above Rs. 4 lacs to Rs. 7.50 lacs loan amount

         Security- Parent/ Guardian as co-borrower and Collateral security in the form of suitable third party guarantee.

 *Third Party Guarantee can be replaced with Parent/Guardian as co-borrower provided the Gross Annual Income of   Parent/Guardian (co-borrower) as given in latest Income Tax Return is 3 times of the loan amount.

  • Particular- Above Rs. 7.50 lacs loan amount

         Security - Parent/ Guardian as co-borrower and tangible collateral security.


Studies abroad:

  • Job oriented professional/ technical Graduation Degree courses/ Post Graduation Degree and Diploma courses like MCA, MBA, MS, etc. offered by reputed universities
  • Courses conducted by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) - London, CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in USA etc.
  • Studies abroad - maximum Rs. 30 lacs

Expenses Covered:

  • Fees payable to college/school/hostel
  • Examination/Library/Laboratory fees
  • Purchase of Books/Equipment/Instruments/Uniforms, Purchase of computers- essential for completion of the course (maximum 20% of the total tuition fees payable for completion of the course)
  • Caution Deposit/Building Fund/Refundable Deposit (maximum 10% of tuition fees for the entire course)
  • Travel Expenses/Passage money for studies abroad
  • Cost of a Two-wheeler upto Rs. 50,000/-

Any other expenses required to complete the course like study tours, project work etc.


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