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Pre-departure briefing

Each semester Pre-Departure Briefings are held in a number of countries. All commencing international students and their families are invited to attend. The Advent pre-departure briefing captures a multitude of subjects to be mindful of for a student, to smoothen the adaptation and adjustment period for life at an overseas university. It is an informative and highly interactive event where our experienced personnel collaborate to share thoughts and inputs that are rather qualitative in nature and based on real experiences extracted from our Directors business and personal exposure overseas. One of the core objectives of the pre-departure briefing is to provide critical information to process and note carefully in order to deter any untoward issues, especially in the social sense, from occurring and to be aware of what to expect.


Making yourself at home, abroad- Getting your accommodation as right as you can make it plays a crucial role in how much you’re going to enjoy your experience. It can make the difference between loving it and wanting to extend your visa, and wanting to jump on the first flight home. So, it pays to do your research and take your time over it.Here are some top tips for finding accommodation to study, work, create and sleep! Things to think about- Towns or cities will have a myriad of accommodation options from hotels and guesthouses to shared houses and apartments. Don’t feel pressured to find somewhere permanent before you depart, it’s hard to know what you’re looking, when you're not actually there looking at it. You can always stay in temporary digs while you get to know the place a bit. A little local knowledge goes a long way when looking for accommodation. When it comes to choosing your accommodation, there are some important considerations:- Budget- Don’t overstretch yourself, or you may find yourself in the house of your dreams, but with no money to go out. On the flip side, that apartment that is so much cheaper than everywhere else may be in crime ridden part of town. Work out what you can afford and research the area. Location- You want to make sure that your new residence is well connected to your place of work or study, and close to amenities like food shops. You also want it to be relatively close to the bars, restaurants or sports facilities. As a general rule, neighborhoods with a lot of students are typically affordable and accessible. Living with others- Whether you live alone or with others is down to your own personal preference. Living alone can give you total control over your home but may be expensive and a little lonely. While shared houses are cheap and great for socializing, they can be messy and noisy. If you do choose to live with others, it’s important to make sure that they are aligned with your own living standards. Wi-Fi utilities and local taxi- Make sure you check to see how much extra the bills are each month because these can seriously add to your monthly out-goings. Also check that the place is connected to WiFi and digital TV (if you want it). There may also be local taxes to consider.

Travel and Medical Insurance

While travelling abroad as a student, one should be aware specific regulations for international students with regard to travel and medical insurance. At Advent, we always encourage our students, to buy an insurance policy before departing. Advent has partnered with various public and private health service providers to ensure that how much we care about you. Please contact our counselors for further information.

Foreign Exchange

Advent provides foreign exchange solution to all departing students and their families through our for exchange partners.

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